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Dehydrated Onion

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Scientific Name:Allium Cepa.Dry onions come in a wide range of sizes, shapes and flavors. Related to the lily, this underground bulb is prized around the world for the magic it makes in a multitude of dished with its pungent flavor and odor. Onion has two types special nutrition: quercetin and prostaglandins which could not be instead of the other vegetables, to eat more onion also could help you reduce blood viscosity and pressure. Dried onion has all of the flavor of fresh onion but no spoil and the smell linger on your fingers. Onion is a key ingredient in cuisines in many parts of the world.   

Availiable Form:

Types:White/Yellow/Red Onion



-Dehydrated Onion Slices

-Dehydrated Onion Flakes

-Dehydrated Granules

-Dehydrated Powder


Products Information:

AD Onion
Serial Number:107100-400
Flakes 3/8'
Granules -10+40
Powder -80+100
Specification:Moisture:5-7% Max.
Flakes 3/8';20kg/ctn,13mts/40'FCL
Season:June-July; Oct.-Dec.

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