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  • Dehydrated Potato
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Dehydrated Potato

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Scientific Name: Solanum Tuberosum. Potatoes are a member of solanaceae family. Compare to rice or wheat, potato has more advantages in nutrition, ”Perfect Foods”. They have enough dietary fiber, low fat and sugar, Vitamin C and B are four times of apples. Potatoes could be treated as Chips, Snacks, Puffed foods, Baby foods, Instant Puree… Our dried potato products could give you more chances to share nice potato at any times.

Availiable Form:

-Dehydrated Potato Cube                                                                  

-Dehydrated Potato Strips


Products Information:

AD Potato
Serial Number:108100-108300
Size:Cubes 10x10x10/3mm
Cubes 5x5x5mm
Strips 5x5x25mm
Specification:Moisture:5-8% Max.

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