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  • Dehydrated Mushroom
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Dehydrated Mushroom

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Scientific Name: Agaricus Campestris.Mushrooms including tens of different varieties and hundreds of formats such as dry Champignon, Shiitake, Bolete, Morel, Woodear….are popular and cultivated through the world. All celebrity Chefs think mushrooms could embody the rich umami and savory naturally. Mushrooms have good source of protein and dietary fiber, contain calcium and Vitamin D, contain selenium, an antioxidant that helps prevent cell damage and also could help boost the immune system. The dried mushrooms intensify their deep,intense taste and gives them a much longer shelf life, they are practical and cost-effective. The savory flavor of rehydrated dried mushrooms are particularly umami-rich and widely used in sauces, cream soups, stews, stir fry recipes, pasta…Dried Champignons are our main products.


Availiable Form:

-Dehydrated Champignon Sliced

-Dehydrated Champignon Kibbled

-Dehydrated Champignon Powder


Products Information:

AD Mushroom
Serial Number:106100-300
Kibbled 1/4-1/8’
Powder -80+100
Specification:Moisture:5-7% Max.
Packaging:Sliced  10kgs/ctn,5mts/40'FCL
Kibbled 1/4-1/8’;17kgs/ctn,8mts/40'FCL

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