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  • Dehydrated Bell Peppers
  • Dehydrated Bell Peppers
  • Dehydrated Bell Peppers
  • Dehydrated Bell Peppers

Dehydrated Bell Peppers

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Scientific Name:Capsicum annuum var.grossum.which are different with Chillis, not hot but with sweet flavor. Bell peppers have enough Vitamin C and B, could be treated as salad, soup, bake, dish… Scoville Heat Units are 500-1000.Usually,you can find them in green or red colours.  

Availiable Form:

-Dehydrated green or red bell peppers flakes; granules; powder

-Blend green and bell peppers

-Field run bell peppers


Products Information:

AD Red Bell PeppersAD Green Bell Peppers
Serial Number:100500-560100600-660
Size:Flakes 3/8' and 1/4'Flakes 3/8' and 1/4'
Granules -8+40/-16+40/-20+60Granules -8+40/-16+40/-20+60
Powder -40/-60Powder -40/-60
Specification:Moisture: 5-8% Max.Moisture: 5-8% Max.
Packaging:Flakes 3/8'; 20kg/ctn, 21mts/40'FCLFlakes 3/8'; 22kg/ctn, 12.64mts/40'FCL
Flakes 1/4'; 24kg/ctn, 24.96mts/40'FCLFlakes 1/4'; 25kg/ctn, 18mts/40'FCL
Granules; 22kg/ctn, 22.88mts/40'FCLGranules; 20kg/ctn, 21mts/40'FCL
Powder; 25kg/ctn; 25mts/40'FCLPowder; 24kg/ctn, 24mts/40'FCL

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